Kim Kornbacher PhotographyMy father gave me an old Voigtlander when I was nine and I have been making images of the world around me ever since. Although some of the images on this site were made with a medium format film camera, I now use a digital SLR exclusively.

I am fascinated by the infinite intricacy and variety of nature, and I see frames surrounding scenes and moments everywhere. After studying and working as a professional archaeologist for many years, I find myself most frequently drawn to small scenes, textures, patterns, or intriguing juxtapositions that are easily passed without notice. I look for this intimate connection even within larger landscapes. The challenge of discovering something wondrous in something usually overlooked – and making an image that successfully communicates my feeling about it – is an exhilarating process.

The present moment is what we have, but capturing in an image the essence of the experience allows me to revisit and share a sense of it with others. This is the aspect of photography I find most compelling.